Obsidian Western Style Winged Dragon


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Beautiful obsidian Dragon

Dragon- symbolizes supernatural power, reliance, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. They embody an untamed nature that aligns with those who believe in justice, truth seekers, spreading their wings, confidence, living their best life unapologetically, or by anyone else’s standards, no longer people pleasing, and believes in healthy boundaries. Dragons are respected & portrayed as guardians and protectors. They form special bonds that comes with the exchange of a mutual respect, and understanding. The bonds are so strong that a psychic or telepathic connection can be made. Never judge a dragon by their scales, because often they are misunderstood, complex, wild, yet beautiful creatures that embrace liberation, freedom and value solitude.

Metaphysical Properties- Obsidian is a type of natural glass that is formed when molten lava cools and solidifies quickly. Obsidian is known for grounding, and protection, and acts as a mirror for the inner self, protecting us from anxiety, anger, fear, or addiction


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