Red Jasper Butterfly Wings


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The butterfly- represents beauty, growth, change, transformation, rebirth, and resurrection, comfort, hope, and positivity. The Butterfly is also associated as signs or messages from ancestors, and our loved ones who have passed on. The butterfly is more commonly associated with female or feminine energy. In Western culture, the butterfly represents lightness and fickleness.  In a dream a butterfly; is a good omen, and represents change, rebirth, transformation, or the life cycle. The butterfly wings are the perfect for anyone who has lost a loved one, or is working through any changes in their life.

Red Jasper – gives a sense of well-being, intensifying that feeling. Red jasper has been used as a stone of protection for thousands of years. It is believed this jasper has an ability to create and help balance aggressive, dynamic energy. Spiritually, this jasper stone is thought to help connect with the spiritual world and provide guidance during times of change. It is also said to keep negative energy at bay.



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