Afghanistan Jade Tower Set


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Pair of stunning green and honey brown Afghanistan Jade Crystal/ Rock Towers with continuous vivid banding that flows onto its mate.

Afghanistan Jade, also known as bowenite, is a form of serpentine.

Colors: light green and honey oak brown

Total Weight: 27.02 oz, 766 grams

 Metaphysical/ Spiritual/ Healing properties:

Spiritually it has been known to produce a shield of protective energy around your body. It helps calm the nervous system. It is said to help your body fight against infections and to aid treatments against hypoglycemia and diabetes. It can help your body with the absorption of nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium, and help to reduce your levels of cholesterol. Helps with symptoms linked to your head/ scalp as well as skin conditions. It also balances your hormones and is believed to enhance your fertility.

It also helps with removing blockages from your heart chakra when used properly or during meditation or with the assistance of someone who uses crystals in their reiki practices. It surrounds you in love and happiness. Your love relationship will be strengthened and any temptations banished. The stone works to balance your relationship and protects your loved one as well as you.




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