Ocean Jasper Dragon (SOLD OUT)


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This Large Ocean Jasper Dragon is perfect for any dragon, game of thrones, fantasy, or crystal enthusiast!

Metaphysical/ Healing Properties:

Ocean Jasper properties are nurturing, encourages you to embrace love, happiness and joy, even when you may find it hard to do so.  Allow the Ocean Jasper healing properties to infuse your spirit with positive energy to support enhanced joy and deeper self-love.

The Ocean Jasper crystal meaning stems largely from its composition. By combining energies of water and volcanic rock, this stone has both a fiery side and a cooler side. These opposing forces come together to lend you whichever energy you need most at any particular moment — whether that’s an infusion of positive energy or permission to slow down. Ocean Jasper is sometimes known as Cellular Jasper. There are currently four distinct Ocean Jasper patterns that have been identified.





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