Citrine – Large Tower w/ Rainbows, Smoky Phantoms, and Blue Needles – Includes Custom Stand


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Large Citrine Tower Statement Piece, with natural inclusions that include; rainbows, smoky phantoms, and blue needles aka feathers (will try to get better photographs of the needles). Custom drift wood stand also included!

Height: approx. 7 inches (not including stand)
Weight: 732.7 grams
Chakra: Solar Plexus (abdominal area)

Metaphysical Properties: Citrine is attract wealth, prosperity, success, joy, self-esteem, self-confidence, and enthusiasm. Helps cleanse the body, promotes self forgiveness, and forgiveness towards others. Helps sever ties between materialistic desires.

Meditation: To meditate or activate this citrine, it has been said that all one has to do is hold it in the dominant hand, and speak (speaking aloud tends to put a stronger connection through vibrations between you and the universe), or visualize your affirmation, or whatever you are trying to attract, manifest until you feel a click, receive a message or feel shift in energy. Crystal activations may also align with one’s natural abilities or gifts. So if you were natural more clairvoyant for example, you may see the crystal light up or charge in your mind, empaths, and clairsentience may feel a physical sensation. A person who might have clairaudient gifts may hear a ring or hum or tune in their head or ears.

Citrine is also said to help aid in health benefits such as:
*Cleansing the pancreas, liver, stomach, kidneys, and spleen.
*Improve sleep and sight.
*Aids in the healing of thyroid glands and the heart muscles as well as minimizing the effects of diabetes.
*Removes toxins from the body and helps in easing of addictions.
*Improves blood circulation, digestion, and helps prevent constipation.
*Boost the immune system and overall metabolism.

***Disclaimer – I am not a physician and crystals should not be used in replace of any therapies, medications, or treatment plans discussed between you and your provider.

This would be the perfect gift for any crystal lover, enthusiast, reiki, or any metaphysical practitioner. Someone who started a new job and needs a boost of confidence, or courage, or anyone trying to attract abundance in their life. This is a beautiful statement piece and would do well in being displayed. This crystal will wind up with whoever it was meant to be with. 🙂

Will ship with USPS
From a smoke free home
Please feel free to message me with any questions.

Thanks for looking 🙂


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