Azurite w/ Malachite – Royal Blue/ Sapphire Colored Druzy (Large)


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Natural raw azurite specimen with rich sapphire colored blue druzy pocket that is radiant and rich in sparkles. Malachite green hues on the outside.

Weight: 912.0g

Metaphysical Properties: Azurite represents the desire to find and maintain Enlightenment in this lifetime. It increases our connection to the Divine. It also dissolves emotional blocks and negativity.

Azurite is a stone which celebrates critical thinking at the highest level. It is a wonderful stone for scientists in every discipline as its energy aligns with tenets of the scientific method and the quest for truth. Azurite increases our hunger for personal experiences and the need to do our own diligent research, rather than relying on the information and opinions of others. Azurite encourages us to be more aware of our self and our impact on others, and to cultivate self-knowledge. It stimulates creativity and encourages life-long learning. When enclosed in a Granite matrix, it balances healthy skepticism with the need to keep an open mind. Azurite has said to heal/ treat; confusion, or other head, and brain issues such as migraines, tinnitus, and problems with vertigo. Psychics also use this stone to help strengthen and enhance their abilities.

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