Golden Healer (Quartz) Nine Tails Fox Carving – High Grade Clarity


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Golden Healer Crystal, with excellent clarity and high quality hand carving where you can see and count all 9 tails of the fox.

The meaning of the 9 tails fox: In Chinese culture the fox’s nine tails symbolize abundant progeny, and would appear during times of peace.

The motif of nine-tailed foxes from Chinese culture was eventually transmitted and introduced to Japanese and Korean cultures.

Metaphysical Properties:

Golden Healers Promotes: peace, spiritual development, alignment, connection (with self, higher self, spirit guides, guardians, angels, spirit team) empowerment to heal yourself, as well as others, removes blockages in the body, the releasing of unhealthy habits. They are an wonderful for energy workers, therapists, and healers.

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