Zincite (Extremely Rare Blue) Specimen – UV Reactive


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Extremely Rare Blue Zincite Specimen

Color: The color of Zincite can be bright red, yellow, orange, brown, green, or orange-yellow; blue being the rarest. This specimen turns neon green with hints of purple when under UV/ black light. Zincite is composed of zinc manganese oxide, and it occurs in granular masses with metamorphic rocks.

Total weight: 177.4 grams.

Metaphysical properties: increases life force, courage, passion, creativity, will power, and personal growth when manifesting desires. It has a strong energy where those who are not normally sensitive to crystal energy tend to notice a difference when handling and working with this specimen/ crystal. It’s also said to boost your entire system and bring a significant stimulation of your chakras.

Origin/ Location: predominantly in Poland, but there are also Zincite deposits that can be found in Namibia, Spain, Australia, Italy, and the USA.

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