Egyptian Prophecy Stone


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EGYPTIAN PROPHECY STONE(S): Are a pseudomorph (a crystal consisting of one mineral but having the form of another which it has replaced); Limonite / Hematite after Marcasite / Pyrite. The original crystal structure remains from the Marcasite / Pyrite but has morphed / changed completely into something else. These are from the desert in Egypt and are not seen very often.

Metaphysical Properties: It is a high vibrational stone with a potent energy that is easily felt by many. They are used in meditation, shamanic journeys, divination, and when you need some guidance in; seeking, transformation, and finding your true path. It makes sense that this would be a stone of transformation as this is a process that the stone had to endured itself to be in its existing form. Results with an Egyptian prophecy stone typically requires bonding with its owner, and results vary depending on the stone and its owner. Where it might be an instant transformation for one bonded pair, another pair may experience a more scenic and slower journey together. Egyptian prophecy stones are known for being an extremely powerful visioning stone, and after you make a deep connection to it, you are said to receive prophetic messages. Use Prophecy Stones to enhance your thinking, memory, offer clarity and open your Third Eye Chakra to unlock your deeper insight and wisdom.

*Please note: You may not receive the exact stone pictured, but one just like it; similar in size, color, and nature. Prophecy stones range from 2 – 5cm (1-2 inches).


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