Black and Pink Amethyst Geode


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Beautiful statement Piece – Rare Pink and Black Amethyst Geode

The amethyst has black due to higher levels of iron in the crystal(s).

Color: Black and Pink

Note: Depending on the lighting in the room the subtle pink hues can vary, always make a person do a double take.

I have received so many complaints on this statement piece, I am sad to even part with it, however; I know whoever purchases this amethyst will be meant for it.

Weight: 889.3 grams

Metaphysical Properties: Like regular amethyst, black amethyst is a natural reliever of stress and anxiety and emanates an energy that is calming and nurturing.

Compared to all the black and protections stones; black amethyst is the ultimate grounder and protector, especially when it comes to psychic attacks. It is a crystal often used for meditation purposes. It works powerfully with the higher chakras, can awaken and open the third eye.

This is the stone would best be suited for someone with psychic abilities, empaths, someone in need of serious calming and peace from a stressful life, protection from emotionally abusive people, or people messing with their thoughts (such as liar, gas lighters, narcistic people, etc.)

Black amethyst aids the Crown Chakra, Earth Star Chakra, Root Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra.

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