Lapis Lazuli Western Winged Dragon (SOLD OUT)


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High Grade Quality Large Winged Carved Western Style Lapis Lazuli Dragon with Stand!

This would make an amazing gift or add to any crystal, fantasy, or dragon lover’s collection!

The Symbol of the Dragon:

Symbolizes supernatural power, reliance, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. They embody an untamed nature that aligns with those who believe in justice, truth seekers, spreading their wings, confidence, living their best life unapologetically, or by anyone else’s standards, no longer people pleasing, and believes in healthy boundaries. Dragons are respected & portrayed as guardians and protectors. They form special bonds that comes with the exchange of a mutual respect, and understanding. The bonds are so strong that a psychic or telepathic connection can be made. Never judge a dragon by their scales, because often they are misunderstood, complex, wild, yet beautiful creatures that embrace liberation, freedom and value solitude.

Lapis (Lazuli) Metaphysical and Healing Properties:

Promotes courage, confidence, understanding, clarity, self- awareness, self-expression, peace, and intellect. It opens the throat chakra, and assists to confront and speak one’s truth. Protects against evil, and psychic attacks. Reveals inner truth, providing honesty, compassion, and morality. Said to aid with respiratory issues, vertigo, and depression.

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