About Us

Druids Hidden Gems is an ethical, family owned and operated metaphysical service offering intuitive readings, and unique crystals, stones, and minerals based out of Metro Detroit Michigan.

Danielle, has been a psychic and tarot enthusiast for nearly 20 years. She was fascinated by the mystical and magical nature of psychics as a teenager. She sought out psychics in search of guidance and healing from both childhood, and adolescent traumas and heartbreaks. She is now paying it forward by coming full circle with what captivated her heart so many years ago and for the last decade has been certified as intuitive tarot reader. Danielle has completed training under some of the best psychics in South East Michigan, and has attended multiple classes, training sessions, workshops, as well as becoming ordained. She has also been awarded multiple scholarships for psychic and mediumship programs based out of Tennessee.

Danielle left her career in the medical field after 18 years, and is now following her path delivering intuitive readings, council, guidance, and healing messages to others who could benefit the way she did. She is continuing to challenge herself and will soon be offering mediumships readings in the near future as she continues to push herself even further through more extensive, and rigorous training in advanced mediumship classes, workshops, and summits in order to be able to deliver messages from those who crossed over with the upmost integrity.

Druid’s Hidden Gems also offers a variety of high quality crystals, specimens and rare rocks for metaphysical, meditative, healing and home décor in our online shop. We have been avid collectors for many years and have amassed a wealth of knowledge about the metaphysical stones we offer. Our store features a wide range of crystals that are available for purchase. These crystals have been carefully selected to provide customers with the best possible experience. Druid’s Hidden Gems also attend special events, fairs, and festivals displaying some of our newest and most unique items. Please check out the bottom of our home page to see a list of events we will be attending this year.

Our wide variety of crystals and stones includes, but not limited to; quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, labradorite, citrine, smoky quartz, plumbogummite, malachite, pink, and black amethyst, lapis lazuli, howlite, azurite, obsidian, grape agate, moss agate, natural melted iron clusters, mookaite, red jasper, paper jasper, ocean jasper, Afghanistan jade, moonstone, sodalite, and so much more. The prices vary depending on the type of stone, size, weight, and shape, but are all hand picked and of very high quality which makes it easy to find something that will meet your needs.